Wingnuts try to capitalise on Boston

From where I am it’s all clear-cut: when there’s a mad bomber on the loose, you try not to get in his way, especially if and when he is considered to be armed and dangerous. If I’d been in Boston when they were hunting the younger Tsarnaev, they wouldn’t have had to tell me to stay indoors, unless I’d been on my way out of the city. The best way to survive a gunfight has always been and will always be, not to get into one in the first place. Some Arizona wingnuts don’t agree, so much is clear from ‘Obama, Democrats would have Left Watertown Residents Unarmed, at Killer’s Mercy‘. They say:

Okay, so put yourself in the place of those Watertown, Mass., residents in the search area for Tsarnaev.¨

I just did, so it’s quite easy to do it again. I’d stay indoors, unless I saw a way of getting out of the city really fast.

You’ve been told to stay indoors for your own safety.

Good advice.

Don’t go to work.

Goes without saying.

Don’t go shopping.

Obviously not.

It’s not safe out there.

That much I gathered.

The police, FBI and SWAT teams are canvassing your entire neighborhood.

And you wouldn’t want to get in their way, would you now?

You’re tense.

I would be, yes.

Everyone’s tense.

Fair enough.

You just wish this would be over, justice would be served, they’d catch this cold-blooded, murdering creep.

I don’t really care about the justice serving or whether he is or isn’t cold-blooded. He might not even be a real creep, just another fanatical idiot who tried to solve his perceived problems the way Americans are taught to solve their problems: with violence. Once you get to know him, he may even be a nice guy. The only thing I would care about, under the circumstances, would be not to bump into him and stay out of the path of his bombs. And if they’d manage to get him of the streets, all the better.

For your own protection … you make sure you have your gun at the ready.

I fail to see how that would help.

Oh … but wait.

I’m waiting. What have they just thought of?

President Obama and the Democrats don’t want you to be able to protect yourself.

O? And how would I be able to protect myself, if it weren’t for President Obama and the Democrats? By having a gun at the ready, maybe?

Too bad for you.

If you don’t get in harm’s way, you don’t have to protect yourself anyway, and as long as you stay indoors, you’re all right, aren’t you?

If Tsarnaev breaks into your home … you’re a sitting duck.

And if you have a gun at that point in time, you’re a sitting duck with a gun.

Your gun has been confiscated.

If Tsarnaev breaks into your home and you don’t see him coming, you’re an idiot who shouldn’t even have the right to own a gun. If you see him coming, you don’t need a gun. There are marvellous things you can do with simple household objects like cricket bats, electrical bass guitars and meat cleavers. You only have to make sure you’re at his point of entry before he is and hit in on the head or in the back of the neck before he sees you. If you’re not able to do that, a gun wouldn’t have been much use anyway.

All you’ve got left is hope that the police can find your home in time to protect you.

If you’re such an idiot that you can’t defend yourselve, that is.

By the time they get to your house, you and your loved ones could be dead.

Or the younger Tsarnaev could be ruining your carpet by bleeding profusely all over it, from a ghastly wound in his skull or his bollocks, depending on where you hit him.

This is exactly the life-threatening bind Obama and the Democrats want to put you in.

Is that all? Not exactly life-threatening then, is it?

They want to put good, honest, law-abiding citizens like you at risk.

No, they don’t. The risk of getting wounded or killed with your own gun is many times greater.

At the mercy of home invaders, criminals … who would face no resistance from you.

I don’t know about others, but I think I’ve shown that in my case the assumption that the criminal wouldn’t face any resistance is wrong.

They’d have the confidence to do anything they want against an unarmed populace.

Only in America. In other countries people are perfectly able to make do with whatever weapon they have lying around, including tightly rolled-up copies of Eppo.

Think about it.


This is what they want.

I don’t think so. I do think, however, that the wingnuts are shooting themselves in the foot by so obviously trying to capitalise on the Boston bombing.

23-04-2013 3.47 | Door: Fish Finger P. (with a P that stands for Plastered) | Categorie: Terrorisme, Verenigde Staten, Webzijden

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