Meet Republican Jody Hice, the (likely) new craziest member of Congress

Yes, he’s GA-10’s Republican replacement for the lies from the pit of hell guy. No, apparently they can’t find anyone better. Yes, it’s a district so conservative that they’d elect a roundworm in a suit, so long as the roundworm promised to keep the Muslims and other uppity folks in their place. (He’ll be challenged in the general by Democratic civil rights lawyer Ken Dious, but it’s a hard-right district.)

We’ve mentioned Hice before, because it’s been almost impossible not to. He indeed argued that Muslims have no protections under the First Amendment, thus demonstrating he never quite figured out what the First Amendment means. He’s rabidly anti-gay, comparing same-sex marriage to losing a parent in a car accident. He is both a conservative pastor and a conservative radio talk show host, and if that does not clue you in right there as to the sheer intensity of this fellow’s prolonged batshittery than you have not been paying much attention to conservatives of late.

Zie ‘Meet Republican Jody Hice, the (likely) new craziest member of Congress‘.

23-07-2014 23.35 | Door: Stommeling Jones | Categorie: Losse skakels, Verenigde Staten

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