Dick Cheney on CIA torture: ‘I’d do it again in a minute’

The report itself simply disproves that one. This isn’t a debatable issue. There were doctors available to repair the potential damage done by each “interrogation”, and their services were used. There was “waterboarding”, which America itself defined as torture up until the very moment the Bush administration wanted to use it. There were “stress positions” that consisted of hanging someone upright by their wrists for 22 hours a day. There were “ice water baths”, and “rectal rehydrations”, and prisoners being forced to stand upright on their broken bones for two uninterrupted days.

Zie ‘Dick Cheney on CIA torture: ‘I’d do it again in a minute’.

15-12-2014 19.30 | Door: Stommeling Jones | Categorie: Losse skakels, Rechten, Verenigde Staten

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