You Can Lead Believers to Knowledge, but You Can’t Make Them Think

One thing many paranormal hardcore believers have in common I can best describe as “trust issues.” It seems at first as though they simply mistrust science and the government. Science and the government are helping hide the truth, whatever they might believe to be truth, from the rest of us. Believers often don’t personally know many people who work for the government or who are scientists. Despite the likes of Stanton Friedman, a physicist with degrees from the University of Chicago and a self-described UFO “expert,” the fields of paranormal research are sadly lacking in scientists. That’s why it’s often up to a non-scientist such as myself to step up and try to work with paranormal groups. Personally, I’d rather scientists keep doing science. I truly respect science professionals who take time out of their busy lives to help the skeptic community battle misinformation. My own daughter has a PhD from MIT, but she’s too busy doing real science to have much time left over for battling pseudoscience.

Zie ‘You Can Lead Believers to Knowledge, but You Can’t Make Them Think‘.

29-09-2015 14.37 | Door: Stagiaire | Categorie: Beesten in het nieuws, Gekte en oplichterij, Losse skakels, Wetenschap

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