Even Voice Operated Devices Cause Distracted Driving

The new study from the University of Utah tests drivers while using a variety of devices. The drivers in the test must pay attention to a light that will show up intermittently in their peripheral vision and indicate when the light is on. Previous studies by this team, using a 5 point distraction rating, found that using a cell phone has a distraction rating of 2.5 while using a hands-free phone caused a distraction of 2.3. This is not a significant difference. This result shows that it is primarily not the use of the hands that is the problem but the call itself. For reference, just listening to the radio had a distraction rating of 1.2.

Zie ‘Even Voice Operated Devices Cause Distracted Driving‘.

22-10-2015 23.51 | Door: Stommeling Jones | Categorie: Automobilisme, Losse skakels

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