Five American Actors Who Can Do A Decent British Accent

This might shock some of you – it certainly shocked Liam Gallagher – but Spinal Tap aren’t a real British heavy metal band. The reason we’d all like to think they are is to do with their accents, which are band on the money. Top marks have to go to Harry Shearer, who plays the Derek Smalls. His command of the accent of the London suburbs is uncanny. That’s not to dismiss the fine work of Christopher Guest or Michael McKean, and you have to bear in mind that all of these men are also improvising, so they haven’t just learned how to say their lines while working with a voice coach. And before anyone points at Christopher Guest, saying that he’s a British Lord, so he’s got an unfair advantage, British Lords don’t talk like Jeff Beck either.

Zie ‘Five American Actors Who Can Do A Decent British Accent‘.

3-12-2015 12.45 | Door: De Grote Vrager | Categorie: Film, Losse skakels, Muziek, Taal

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