10 remarkable things about Battlefield Earth

The Psychlos aren’t just stupid, selfish and ungainly – they also behave like a group of unemployed Shakespearian actors after two bottles of sherry. They hold interminable meetings in which they’re essentially nasty and petty to each other, and they have a fascinating habit of concluding their sentences with lengthy, maniacal belly-laughs.

Then there are the humans, who shout a lot and seldom blink. Barry Pepper and his group of fellow actors appear to have modelled their performances on Mel Gibson’s earnest turn in Braveheart, which means lots of bared teeth, bellowed shouts of defiance (“You can surrender and rot in those cages if you want to, but I’m not going back!”) and lots of frantically waving arms.

Battlefield Earth is a film with its acting volume turned way up to eleven. It’s as though someone’s standing behind the camera shouting, “Emote, damn you, emote!” like Dr Zoidberg’s mad filmmaking Uncle Harold in Futurama.

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14-12-2015 7.00 | Door: Stommeling Jones | Categorie: Film, Losse skakels

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