A fucking picture says fucking less than one fucking word

A fucking picture says fucking less than one fucking word. So remember, next time someone tries to fucking tell you “a picture says more than a thousand words” (or how fucking ever they fucking put it): he is fucking wrong. If fucking pictures fucking said fucking all, we, the fucking human fucking race (what a fucking race: no fucking winners. Ow, fuck it), wouldn’t fucking have fucking needed to fucking invent fucking language. Or would we now? Really? Of course not.

There are more fucking pictures in need of an explanation in fucking words than there are fucking words needing explanations in fucking pictures. Pictures of fucking are in a category of their own. Or maybe they fucking aren’t. Who fucking cares? I know I fucking don’t. But if you fucking like, go ahead and have a fucking try: explain in fucking pictures the fucking word ‘inherent’. Go fucking ahead. Do your fucking worst.

And after that, go for the liverwurst. That must be an easy one, methinks. And now: sod off. Thank you.

10-07-2010 11.11 | Door: Fish Finger P. (with a P that stands for Plastered) | Categorie: Film, Kunst, Taal, Televisie

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