Ayaan Hirsi Ali not Dutch, according to minister

We noticed that someone had reached our site by way of technorati.com/tag/Ayaan+Hirsi+Ali and when we followed that link we arrived at Random-find.com, in an article called 'Ayaan Hirsi Ali leaves Dutch politics'. In that article we read (among other things):
"She is currently embroiled in a controversy about lies she told the immigration service in 1992 to get asylum in the Netherlands."
We started to write a reaction and then decided we might as well post said reaction here and give Random-find.com a Trackback ping. That's why this post is in English.

The controversy is not so much about the lies she told in 1992, and 'everybody knew about' as about some lies she supposedly told as well, but hadn't been widely known yet. The second set of lies was 'exposed' by a Dutch television program that some have called sensationalist. However, purely on the lies she told in 1992 she shouldn't have obtained political asylum, nor Dutch citizenship.

Minister Rita Verdonk, who somewhat misguidedly thinks she might become the next Dutch prime minister has ordered an investigation and said that according to the first findings of said investigation Ayaan Hirsi Ali, or Ayaan Hirsi Magan, whatever her name may be, is not Dutch. Too bad this minister didn't answer our questions about this in January, but now we're getting our answers anyway.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the Ayaan Hirsi Whatsname thing, there's arisen some controversy about another Dutch member of parliament, Farah Karimi, who, it seems, has also been lying while applying for political asylum. If that is true, she might be the next parliamentarian to be out and lose her citizenship.

16-05-2006 09.23 | Door: Cpt. Iglo


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