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Historians' Fallacies - Toward a Logic of Historical Thought
Een boek dat iedereen die zich voor geschiedenis en geschiedschrijving interesseert gelezen zou moeten hebben is Historians' Fallacies (David Hackett Fischer, Harper & Row, ISBN 0-06-131545-1), met als ondertitel: Toward a Logic of Historical Thought. Als men dan ook journalisten en andere publicisten als een soort historici wenst te beschouwen, wordt het helemaal leuk. Wij citeren de flaptext:
"If one laughs when David Hackett Fischer sits down to play, one will stay to cheer. His book must be read three times: the first in anger, the second in laughter, the third in respect. ... The wisdom is expressed with a certain ruthlessness. Scarcely a major historian escapes unscathed. then thousand members of the American Historical association will rush to the index and breathe a little easier to find their names absent.
"This is an important book, perhaps the most important to have appeared in recent years, in terms of helping an entire generation of scholars who profess to have lost confidence in being historians. A dose of the book is salutary and its ultimate mesage is one of optimism, for it demonstrates that historians do have honest, important, and even pleasurable, tasks to do." - ROBIN W. WINKS, The New York Times Book Review

"Mr. Fischer has a nimble mind; he seems to have read everything ever written and heard every anecdote ever told; he writes with grace and precision. And, either because logic is the soul of wit or vice versa, his book is endlessly amusing.
"Indeed Mr. Fischer covers so many examples that his book might as well be placed on the shelf of standard reference works. Reviewers are in his debt for providing a shortcut to dismissing much of the junk that issues forth from publishers every day. Historians are in his debt for reaffirming the functional values of their profession. And readers are in his debt for an extremely entertaining book." - CHRISTOPHER LEHMANN-HAUPT, New York Times"

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