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According to The Inquirer you shouldn't go looking for screensavers (or even screen savers), lyrics or anything free.At least that's what we gather from 'McAfee warns SMBs about web search', so technically speaking it's not The Inquirer that says it. Not even McAfee, for that matter. Let's quote The Inquirer:
"INSECURITY OUTFIT McAfee has warned SMBs that the most poisonous thing that their staff can type into a web browser is "screensaver".

According to McAfee, some of the riskiest searches on the Internet today are associated with finding items for free or looking for work that can be done from home.

Jeff Green, senior vice president of McAfee Product Development and Avert Labs, said that hackers create sites to lure punters into downloading malicious software that leads them to blindly hand over their personal assets to cybercriminals.

More than 59.1 per cent of sites linked to the word "screen saver" are poisoned. The next worst word to search for is "lyrics".

Typing in the tradename Viagra is not as hard on your system as you might think, said McAfee. But one in five sites found with searches using the word "free" will get you malware."

As far as we're concerned the worst pieces of malware have never been free and they were all called Windows in one way or another, but maybe we have a different definition of malware. Anyway: beware of Greeks bearing sceensavers, to paraphrase Virgil (you know, the Roman bloke, "timeo Danaos et dona ferentes", and all that), sort of.

28-05-2009 15.50 | Door: Fish Finger P. (with a P that stands for Plastered)


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