Newspaper does a totally unbalanced piece on Warren and The Conjuring

Lorraine is currently riding high on the success of this movie as we noted in various articles. But she is sounding a bit incoherent. Frankly, what are you going to say about your life as a “demonologist/psychic” at age 86 when it’s all you’ve ever done and been known for? You are going to remember the times exactly as suitable for you. That’s not going to be altogether accurate. Our memories are malleable and serve our needs. They are not recorders. The Warrens made their cases into best-selling books, not scientific papers.

Lorraine still rides the wave of investigating the Amityville horror house even though it was never shown to be “possessed” or haunted or unusual in ANY way by anyone other than those who wanted it to be so for various reasons.

Zie ‘Newspaper does a totally unbalanced piece on Warren and The Conjuring‘.

5-08-2013 11.02 | Door: De Grote Vrager | Categorie: Losse skakels, Zweefkezerij

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