Russia’s plan to vassalise Ukraine

Russia has not changed its tactics towards Ukraine. In parallel to annexing Crimea it is continuing its efforts to take over control of other entities in southern-eastern Ukraine. President Putin’s speech in which he announced that Crimea would be incorporated into Russia was a clear signal that Moscow will pursue further measures to destabilise Ukraine. Putin adopted an aggressive tone and accused the government in Kiev of fascism and called on the inhabitants of Ukraine to establish some order in their country suggesting that they could rely on Moscow in this respect. Dmitry Peskov, spokesman to the president, in an interview for BBC on 18 March said that Russia did not intend to use its armed forces in eastern Ukraine. He did, however, add that Russia would protect Russians and Ukrainians living there and would use all legal measures to this end if the government in Kiev neglected to pay due attention to the difficult situation in this part of the country.

Zie ‘Russia’s plan to vassalise Ukraine‘.

21-03-2014 15.37 | Door: Stommeling Jones | Categorie: Aardrijkskunde, Losse skakels, Oekraïne, Rusland

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