‘Frequently Asked Questions’ to be standardised

‘Take the current number one FAQ – ‘Where can I get more of your fabulous software/products/FAQ advice?’ We don’t think anyone has ever asked that question. If the consumer is bright enough to find a company FAQ page, they are almost certainly capable of finding the sales pages,’ he added. “So we want ‘How do I return this pile of crap and get my money back?’ to replace it.

”Other FAQs that are to be mandated include, ‘Where is the thingummy?’, ‘How can I contact and abuse a human call centre operative about your stupid products’, and ‘Where the fuck are the real instructions?’

Zie ‘‘Frequently Asked Questions’ to be standardised‘.

22-12-2014 17.02 | Door: Stommeling Jones | Categorie: Europese politiek, Losse skakels, Webzijden

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