‘We Were Conned,’ Chechens Who Fought With IS Tell Russian Media

There has been at least one case in Chechnya of a Chechen man, Said Mazhayev, who returned home after fighting in Syria and appeared on national television in order to appeal to young Chechens not to make the same mistake he had and go to Syria. Mazhayev, who was given a two-year prison sentence in November, said that he had made his television appeal to tell young Chechens “what was really happening in Syria.”

Regardless of the reason why these young Chechens chose to talk about their experiences in Syria, their stories and attitudes — at least as presented in the Russian media — share similarities to those expressed by Mazhayev. It is likely that these interviews are intended as cautionary tales designed to deter young Russian-speaking Muslims who may be considering joining the “jihad” in Syria.

Zie ‘‘We Were Conned,’ Chechens Who Fought With IS Tell Russian Media‘.

27-01-2015 17.58 | Door: Stommeling Jones | Categorie: Godsdienstwaanzin, Losse skakels, Rusland

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