Professor Fired over Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory

Tracy believes that the Sandy Hook massacre did not occur the way that the media has reported, and perhaps did not occur at all. He makes all the logical errors that conspiracy theorists make.

One of his primary errors is to point to discrepancies in the way that the media reported the details. As anyone who has paid attention to the media during a breaking story has experienced, during a dramatic event the media fights to get out any tidbit of information, and will often report preliminary and incorrect information. This is the media fighting for ratings during an unfolding event. This is not evidence that the media is involved in a conspiracy to fabricate a fake story.

Zie ‘Professor Fired over Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory‘.

19-12-2015 12.26 | Door: Stommeling Jones | Categorie: Aluhoofddeksels, Losse skakels

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