Understanding Evolution—Naming Matters but Not That Much

Nevertheless, taxonomy is fundamentally important in paleontology. When paleontologists name new species, they must follow very strict rules to ensure that their new species is valid or acceptable by the rest of the paleontological community. A group of scientists—not just paleontologists but also zoologists—have formed the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN), to ensure that when new species of animals are named it is with good reason. If you’ve ever read a technical paper that names a new species, you’ll notice that it very carefully describes the new species and distinguishes the new species from similar species.

Source: ‘Understanding Evolution—Naming Matters but Not That Much‘.

28-01-2016 21.02 | Door: De Grote Vrager | Categorie: Geschiedenis, Losse skakels, Wetenschap

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