Give me the fucking lot and I'll fuck you senseles...

Checking my mail I happened on this one:
"Dear Partner, I am Miss Muna Adara from republic of Cote d'Ivoire. I am writing to solicit your help in invest my inheritance fund US$11.5m in your country for lucrative business that will benefit both of us. My late father Dr. Adara George was a reputable wealth business man in our society. He died along side with my beloved mother in an accident when returning from his office on the date 19/07/2007. Now I have finished my secondary school here in my country and I have no intention to further my education here due to none political satiability in my country. Please I rely on you to realize my future vision and you will have 20% of the total sum once the fund is transfer to your country. I hereby request the below information for documentation purpose to effect the transaction smoothly. Your full name Your resident address Your telephone and fax number Your occupation You are free to reach me through this telephone number: +22544747424 for further clarification. Thanks in advance for your co-operation Miss Muna Adara"
Well, let me put it like this: why bother? You don't need my address and everything, just tell me yours and I'll hop right over. You put that money in the bank (not Scheringa's, but that goes without saying) and we'll live off the interest. As life in the Ivory Coast isn't exactly expensive, we can have a ball and have a hell of a time, all the time. As the bards put it:
"I will fuck you in the morning Fuck you late at night Fuck you while the moon Or the sun is shining bright I wanna fuck you Yes, I wanna fuck you I wanna fuck you baby But your door is closed I will fuck you in the backseat Of my newest car I will fuck you in the toilet Of a well distuingished bar I wanna fuck you Yes, I wanna fuck you I wanna fuck you baby But your door is closed I'm sorry babe Yeah O yeah One more time Oh! I will fuck you in the kitchen Fuck you in the woods Fuck you as you like it As wild and hard I'd could I wanna fuck you Yeah, I wanna fuck you I wanna fuck you baby But your little door is closed! Yeaah, yeah!"
Oh, and forget the part about your little door being closed. If it is, I'll just scamper on home and forget about the whole deal. I mean, the money, I'm not interested in, it's the fucking I want. And you, having just finished secondary school and being a negress, sound interesting. I've never done a negress before (apart from one of 'Les Négresses Vertes', but that was a mistake, made mostly in translation, and let's not talk about that, thank you very much), or not one from the Ivory Coast anyway, so let's get banging. What do you say? 16-10-2009 23:41:55 | Door: Fish Finger P. (with a P that stands for Plastered) | Categorie: Losse skakels, Verenigde Staten

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