As jy nie kan baklei nie, moet jy kan hardloop

Stommeling Jones op de atletiekbaan

Als je niet kunt vechten, moet je kunnen hardlopen. Papeslaai verwijst ons door naar ‘How ‘cowardice’ helped Bolt become the fastest man in the world‘:

How is it possible for a human being to be as fast as that man? 9.58? My golly! That is fast! Do you think he would sink if he attempted to run on water? I don’t think so. I suspect that he can’t fight to save his life. If you can’t fight them or beat them, run so fast that they can’t catch. I cannot see how else his career in running would have begun. This is the only way his speed makes any sense to me. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

18-08-2009 13.54 | Door: Stommeling Jones | Categorie: Atletiek, Loggers gelogd

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