Racism and Boerewors

Over at Thought Leader someone called The Sumo writes: “My brothers, they will never let you win“. Why he goes by the name of The Sumo is obvious:

[…] I doubt a gang of robbers would include a fat guy who looks like he couldn’t run three metres. The fat guys are usually the get-away-drivers, so please, if I’m standing around at the mall you should probably look around for me first before calling 10111 and you will probably find that there is a boerewors vendor close by and I am waiting for my order.

The article is fairly interesting, but I got stuck on the boerewors, to be honest. What the fuck might boerewors be? Is it some kind of beer? You might think so, given The Sumo has stated his love for the beverage so eloquently. But you’d be wrong. I asked my Dutch colleagues and they immediately said: “Boerewors? Dat zal de Haagse uitspraak zijn van boereworst of boerenworst. Boerewogs kan dan ook.” After they translated it into English I understood what they said and lo and behold, they were right, apart from the “Haagse” connection.

It is indeed a kind of sausage, and it seems you can get it in Amsterdam (see Castle beer and Boerewors). There even is a boerewors website: www.boerewors.nl, which says:

Boerewors (Farmers sausage) is one of those things that a South African cannot be without.

We have been making boerewors for over a year now, and we appreciate all the die-hard customers that have been ordering on a regular basis. Thanks guys.

For all of you who do not know us, please read on:

We make the best boerewors for all South Africans, Dutch, Namibians, English people living in the Netherlands.

If you hurry you can still order for the next pick-up date. And so it seems the boerewors problem is easier to solve than the problem of South African racism. Or any kind of racism, really.

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