Marty Rathbun is an idiot

Marty Rathbun is an ‘independent scientologist’. Since anyone who isn’t in the ‘Church of Scientology’ AND has access to the internet can and should know that scientology is nothing more or less than the collected ravings of a seriously deranged person by the name of L. Ron Hubbard, an ‘independent scientologist’ is by definition an idiot.

This being said, Marty Rathbun turns out to be an enormous idiot:

I reject the anti-scientology narrative as being at least as inaccurate, exaggerated, partisan and hysterical as the official scientology narrative. That rejection of the former in no way implies an endorsement of the latter.

No. The problem with Rathbun and other scientologists is that they labour under the misapprehension that facts don’t exist and that the truth is whatever “is true for YOU”. Fact is that scientology is a scam and that all kinds of people will tell you that in a very quiet and not in the least inaccurate, exaggerated, partisan or hysterical way. It’s simple as that and that’s why Marty Rathbun is an idiot.

And now I’m going to reread some other collected ravings, because I can and because they’re hilarious: ‘Spy Thatcher‘.

23-07-2016 15.14 | Door: Fish Finger P. (with a P that stands for Plastered) | Categorie: Literatuur, Scientology

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