A threesome with Maggie Lee and her mother


So far, so good.
My name is Maggie Lee, living in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.
I don’t know you, which you know, since you wouldn’t otherwise introduce yourself.
I am 20 years, single girl, and my dream is to be a model.
I hate models. And women who want to be models I hate even more.
BUT, I have a disability…
Well, fucking boohoo.
I have a hearing problem caused by a rifle shot at close range, during a hunting expedition.
Probably someone who knew you. Not close enough. He should have opted for point blank range.
This accident perforated my ear drums,
Accident? What accident? Well, him missing might be considered an accident, maybe.
and now, I can only hear with a special hearing instrument, which can be embarrassing in public…
That depends on where you put it. Don’t stick it up your cunt, is my advice. Not in public, anyway.
My father (Mr. Jason Lee) was jailed 5 years ago for what my mother explained was politically motivated, and last week, he died in Hong Kong prison.
Oh dear. Let me guess: now you need a whole lot of money.
His Attorney informed my mother that my father left me a special legacy ( inheritance), stock investment in a foreign Country worth about US$3.2 million.
Ah, it’s one of those. You need a whole lot of money to get to the whole lot of money you already almost possess and would I be so very kind to send you some money so you can reward me with an enormous amount of money because I’m such a nice guy. You need your head examined.
The Attorney advised that because of the circumstances of my father’s imprisonment, that it would be unwise to bring the US$3.2 million back to Hong Kong.
Well, don’t then.
The Attorney therefore advised me to convert the stock holdings total value US$3.2 million, and invest offshore, preferably in real estate properties, for long term profits.
Please remind me, what has this got to do with you being a deaf would-be model?
I am therefore looking for an honest and God fearing person who can help me to invest my inheritance worth US$3.2 in stocks.
“An honest and God fearing person”? And you come to me? I was right: you do need your fucking head examined.
I will have to emigrate with my mother and live permanently abroad,
Well, If you’re really good looking and your mother isn’t very old or ugly, you can crash at my place, provided you don’t mind a threesome.
and be able to undergo the expensive and complicated surgical procedure
Which you will need after the threesome, but how did you know? You’re not only deaf but a psychic as well?
recommended by my specialist doctors,
Ah, my mistake. You were talking about your ears.
and finally, I will be able to realize my childhood dream of being a model.
Yeah, right. Why bother, with US$3.2 million in the bank?
If you can help me, please reply via email only, so that I can provide you more details.

I’m afraid you’ve provided me with all the details I need.
If you agree to help, my father’s Attorney will give you a legal document naming you the ADMINISTRATOR of my inheritance, and you will be entitled to 10% of my inheritance valued at US$3.2 million.
HAHAHAHAHAHA. Do you believe that? I don’t.
All paperwork documentation will be 100% legal.
Of course it will.
I am waiting for your kind reply
Would you believe “get stuffed”?
Best regards,
Maggie Lee
12/F, One Kowloon, 1 Wang Yuen Street, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Goodbye. Go, and never darken my towels again.


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  1. Jopie says:

    Maggie Lee woont in Ghana dus niet in Hong Kong
    Region : Greater Accra
    City : Accra
    Maggie Lee is lid van een afrikaanse oplichters bende die weldra
    door de politie opgepakt gaat worden.

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