Why doesn’t the useless fuck just fuck off?

One of the most useless fucks in the Netherlands is ‘his fucking Royal fucking Highness’ ‘Prince’ Willem Alexander. This utterly useless fat bastard has never done anything useful whatsoever, hence the “utterly useless” bit, and is first in line to become the Netherlands’ most expensive useless fat bastard, or ‘Koning’, as the Dutch call it. At the moment he and his Argentinian golddigger wife, Maxima, are suing some Dutch newspapers for printing pictures of them, which is construed as being an infringement of their privacy, or somesuch.

Well: just fuck off, you fucking fat fucking bastard and your fucking always fucking unsincerely fucking smiling fucking wife. If you fucking want your fucking privacy, you can fucking have it, but fucking only if you fucking give us (yes, I do fucking pay fucking taxes in this fucking country, so fucking there) our fucking money back and fucking fuck off. Fucking fade away. Fucking abdicate. Fucking die and see who fucking cares.

And if you’re fucking just in it for the fucking money: fucking smile when they fucking take your fucking picture.

15-08-2009 0.22 | Door: Fish Finger P. (with a P that stands for Plastered) | Categorie: Monarchie

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